4 reasons why you need a Master’s degree in 2016

Let’s face it, the job market isn’t getting any easier. Companies are requiring more than just a high school degree, and now more are going past a 4 year degree.

That’s right, a Bachelor’s degree might not cut it after all.

Here are 4 reasons why you need a Master’s degree if you’re looking for a job in 2016:

1.) You’ll be more confident. Most people that have received a higher level of education feel more confident applying for positions. Basically, you walk into an interview thinking the only question that needs to be asked is when can you start…

You are infused with an “I’m more prepared than that guy” attitude. Look across the room…notice all the nervous weirdos combing their hair using their smartphone screens as mirrors…yeah it’s not those guys. You’re not worried about them. But does the other intimidating candidate sitting across from you have his degree? You want to have that Master’s degree in your back pocket. Let it be your VIP pass that automatically bumps you up to the top of the list every time you compete in the dogfight of a promo or new job.

2.) You’ll qualify for more positions. Nowadays, companies have many filters before they even begin looking at resumes…Having a Master’s degree gets you past many of those filters. They are looking for those candidates that have stuck with school or gone back to finish up their degree. It shows that you take your career and education seriously. Your (new) boss will dig it.

How would you like to be able to scroll through pages of job openings and think to yourself, “I am over-qualified for all of these positions. They couldn’t pay me enough to work there.” and suddenly glance at a job offer you would have only dreamed of. But because you had your Master’s degree, you qualified and scooped up that new pozish on your Linkedin.

Congrats, Senior Chief Regional Sales Manager/Mentor/Executive Board Member.

3.) You can post the graduation pictures on Facebook. Looking to find out how much your family and friends really care about your accomplishments? Don’t hesitate to flash that new diploma for the Facebook and Instagram followers. After all, it might just motivate them to go back to college to get theirs…right?

We all need a little recognition in our lives. And it feels good to let others know that you’ve got your future planned out and in check.

4.) You’ll set a good example to those who look up to you. You can help show future generations how hard work in school pays off later in life. You will have the opportunity to educate the young on how important college is.

According to FinishUp, a resource blog that helps people finish college, “Studies prove that students that push through to earn their Master’s degree have a better chance of getting hired right out of college”.

A Master’s degree is a good idea for a number of reasons. Take the opportunity today to learn more about online degrees and the many options available to go back to college. It will pay off in the long run.

This was a guest post written by Tanner Page, founder at http://HealthRanks.org, a supplement review blog. In his free time he likes hanging out at the beach and watching a good basketball game. He also contributes for the Probiotics Team at Health Trends.