This junior high student’s “declaration of freedom” is blowing up the internet

A few weeks ago, a young Lewis and Clark Middle School student wrote a declaration of freedom for a classroom assignment.

His Declaration of Freedom has literally gone viral all over the internet.

Check it out here:

“We the people of the Lewis and Clark Middle School feel the need to bring across the proposition of gaining rights to have more opinions and choices in our school that we spend most of our time in.

For example, if one doesn’t get along with a certain teacher, we (the students) believe that we should be able to choose which teacher we should have. This option would benefit us greatly because if we got along with the teachers we had, then more than likely, we would end up with better grades.

The next freedom that we feel we deserve to have is the right to pick our classmates. Choosing who we study with is beneficial to us so that we don’t end up with students that we don’t enjoy or feel comfortable being around. Working with our friends is more fun, too.

The third right that we feel we should be offered, is to have free school lunches. At first this idea seams preposterous, but our tax money right now is going to people that bought stuff on credit that can’t pay the banks back. If this wasn’t an issue, that tax money could go to the education fund and pay for our school lunches.

Another freedom that we would love to have is the right to fire teachers. Some teachers are unfair to students who don’t deserve it. For example, one of my teachers likes to pick on me the most during the class time. I did nothing to this teacher that would give them the right to do that. When being accused of disruptances that many in one class are doing, with some teachers, the same person gets the blame almost each time.

If groups of students sign a petition with a minimum number of 30 signatures, I think that a meeting should be held with an administrator to discuss the matters that may result in a firing!

The final matter that I would like to bring across is students being able to have a ‘say’ of extra-curricular programs; specifically sports. When we were in sixth grade, we didn’t have the option of playing in competitive leagues for football, basketball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, cheer leading, and much more.

Many of these sports are not offered altogether no matter what grade you are in. The student body would greatly appreciate having those at our school.

In conclusion, the people of Lewis and Clark Middle School have joined in unison and as one whole to proclaim our many deserved rights that we feel we should have.”

The assignment landed the young student to be entered in the Hall of Fame.

He got featured by a few local companies like Tucson Exterminating, who reviews pest control products and comes up with the best ways to kill cockroaches.

Hopefully he can get some scholarships to support him should he make it to the National competition in Orlando. We wish him luck!